SEXY DEAD CHICK – “Half-Pig Assassins” EP Details Announced!

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Fort Worth, Texas (USA) thrash/groove metal band SEXY DEAD CHICK will release their highly anticipated debut EP entitled “Half-Pig Assassins” on July 16, 2015 via THE METAL DEN Records. Produced by SDC vocalist/bassist Randy “Rocket” Cody the EP will consist of five slamming tracks with “Psycho” on guitar and “Animal” on drums. The cover artwork and track listing will be revealed shortly.

“He began to think they were half-pig and half-man — a pig hybrid.”

This EP is dedicated to the memory of deceased American sniper Chris “The Legend” Kyle and late great PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott. Both great Texans were murdered by a mentally ill ex-Marine. Rocket of SDC adds:

“This debut work from my band is going to be very disturbing for listeners. Me and the boys are sick and tired of the wimpy state of rock music today and we will unleash the heaviest sounding shit you have heard in a long time. A portion of the sales from the EP will be donated to Wounded Warrior Project charity. All I ask my loyal Den Headz is that when you listen to the ass-kicking tunes after they are finished and dig what you hear tell your damn neighbors about it!”


THE METAL DEN RECORDS – Label Representation Agreement (SAMPLE)

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Label Representation Agreement

The following shall constitute the Agreement between THE METAL DEN RECORDS, a unit of TMD PROMOTIONS and BAND, dated ______ 2014, with respect to its representation of professionally produced sound recordings delivered by BAND. The CD is only to be manufactured, marketed and distributed by THE METAL DEN RECORDS.

The parties hereto agree in good faith to be consistent with the terms of this Agreement, and this Agreement is deemed binding and effective immediately and shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties.


A. BAND will provide the album master recording which is subject to the approval of THE METAL DEN RECORDS. Label must acknowledge the master is deemed ready for the marketplace. The ownership of these recordings always remains with the band.
B. BAND will provide their own album artwork.
C. BAND will be available at all reasonable times for promotional opportunites, online or in person, whether earning an appearance fee or not as long as it is not conflicting with current tour scheduling. This includes TMD site reviews, interviews and in-stores appearances on behalf of www.themetalden or, including site promos, radio interviews and charity events.


A. In addition to TMDs committed online marketing of BAND’s sound recordings during the Agreement period at TMD’s official news site (, TMD will promote the CD heavily via all its corresponding social sites on Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, Youtube and Myspace.
B. BAND merchandise sold via is split 70/30 between BAND (70%) and LABEL (30%). BAND must produce their own shirts and merchandise. BAND keeps all profits at shows/events not organized by TMD Promotions.
C. A photographer is provided by BAND and zero music videos are to be funded by LABEL.

A. BAND earns 50% royalty rate of CD units sold via physical/digital distribution of
THE METAL DEN RECORDS (, this includes all CD’s sold out at shows the band performs at during the Agreement period.
B. Royalty payment is sent out in one lump sum to BAND each quarter.
C. LABEL makes final determination on retail price of CD.


A. BAND will be available for touring in US at all reasonable times after album is released.
B. BAND retains all appearance fees, unless event has been booked or organized
by TMD PROMOTIONS (then 50% commission is paid to TMD). It is to be noted that THE METAL DEN RECORDS is not a booking agency nor does it ever act as the BAND’s business manager, though is inclined to step in and secure engagements that are approved by the band and its management, as it relates to the overall promotion of the record.
C. No illegal activity is allowed online or while out on the road when representing THE METAL DEN RECORDS in the public.

5. TERM:

A. One year from the time of the official album release date.
B. LABEL retains ‘exclusivity’ to re-sign BAND 60 days from end of agreement period.


A. If at any time during contract period this agreement is breached by one party, the other party can issue a ‘breach letter’ via certified mail, giving the other side 30 days to comply or this Agreement at that point becomes null and void.
B. Any remaining monies owed to BAND by label must be paid out in full within 30 days of termination date.
C. Once termination occurs BAND is released of all its duties as it relates to THE METAL DEN RECORDS and can do as they wish with their product within the marketplace from that point on.

7. FEE:
A. A one time $3,000 administrative fee paid up front by BAND to LABEL.
B. There is no refund allowed whatsoever.
C. This fee must be secured via Pay Pal only.

The parties have duly executed this agreement by the authorized signatures below.

____________________________DATE: _______________________DATE:
Owner/Operator: Randy Cody BAND Primary Contact

NOTE: If your band is interested in applying with The Metal Den Records, send EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to: line needs to read: Join The Metal Den Records! Deadline for this offer is December 31st, 2014!!


Enter THE METAL DEN’s Battle Of Unsigned Thrash Bands Contest!

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Entries now being accepted for TMD’s ‘Battle Of Unsigned Thrash’ online contest in 2014!! (Sponsored by TMD Records) Deadline to enter is on June 15th!!! 20 bands will be selected to participate. Online Judges and prizes TBA!!! Submit music to:!!!! Semi Finals (Top 10) on July 1 & Finals (Top 5) July 7! Prizes TBA!! This is an online contest so there will be no live performance. Judging is based on studio recording and video of live performance. Good luck, thrashers!!!


THE METAL DEN RECORDS – Bands Apply Today!

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TMD Records!

Representation package includes CD manufacturing, touring assistance, in-house publicity and press marketing via The Metal Den Promotions(, handled by acclaimed metal journalist/publicist/promoter, Randy “Rocket” Cody, who has been published at over 200+ rock/metal news sites – package also includes worldwide radio distribution. TMD news is read in over 100+ countries around the globe, receiving over 500,000 page views from 250,000 visitors in the past 2 years alone.

Submit your band for consideration by sending email to:

You can review the sample TMD Records Label Agreement by visiting HERE.


TEJASMOSIS – To Play THE RAIL CLUB In Fort Worth, Texas February 21st!

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Texas thrashers TEJASMOSIS are set to demolish The Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas on February 21st!!

The band is currently signed with THE METAL DEN Records and are preparing their 2nd EP in 2014. More details to be announced soon!!! Don’t miss the band on their tour to California and their big show at The Whisky A Go Go on April 10th!! Visit the band’s facebook for ticket info.


TEJASMOSIS – Announce Whisky A Go Go Show In 2014

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Arlington, Texas metal act TEJASMOSIS will hit the road in early 2014, culminating with a show at the famed Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California. They are booked to play the club on April 10, 2014. Tickets are now available via the band’s Facebook. TEJASMOSIS released the punishing debut EP via TMD Records entitled “Diatribe” on June 25th, 2013.

Purchase HERE.

TMD Records


Enter TMD’s Battle Of Unsigned Progressive Metal Bands Online Contest!

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Enter TMD’s Battle Of Unsigned Progressive Metal Bands Online Contest!

Randy “Rocket” Cody of TMD comments: “Entries now being accepted for TMD’s 1st ‘Battle Of Unsigned Progressive Metal Bands’ online contest!! (Sponsored by TMD Records) Deadline to enter is on October 22nd!!! 20 bands will be selected to participate. Your band must be unsigned! Online Judges TBA. Submit music to:!!!! Semi Finals (Top 10) on Oct 27th & Finals (Top 5) October 31st!!!! Prizes TBA!! Good luck!!!!”



SYLO – Release “Lineage” Music Video

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Texarkana, Texas metal act SYLO has unleashed a music video for the track “Lineage” off their debut EP entitled “Monument of Nothing” via The Metal Den Records. View it HERE.



TEJASMOSIS – Purchase Your Physical Copy Of “DIATRIBE” EP!

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Get your physical copy of “Diatribe” EP by Arlington, Texas thrashers TEJASMOSIS!

Purchase HERE!!

TEJASMOSIS recently won the third annual Battle Of The Bands online contest at The Metal Den. They signed with The Metal Den Records in March of this year and releaseed their debut EP entitled “Diatribe” (artwork seen above) on July 9th, 2013.




TEJASMOSIS – Debut Single “Delusionoid” Now Available On iTunes!

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Arlington, Texas metal band TEJASMOSIS have released the punishing debut single entitled “Delusionoid” off their forthcoming “Diatribe” EP today June 25th via iTunes. Purchase “Delusionoid” HERE.

The EP itself releases via The Metal Den Records on July 9th.

TMD Records