TMD's Mission Statement

Our aim is to help up and coming bands develop a  distinct and successful brand in the rock music biz. We help set your group apart from other acts in the highly competitive industry via press release marketing, full time publicist services and much more!

Our Story

Since first being created in 2005, TMD has worked with hundreds of bands all throughout the globe and taken them to the next level in the rock game. Are you ready to take your band somewhere you have never been before? TMD is your answer!

Meet the Team

TMD takes its work in the rock music industry very seriously and we  get results for our bands and never make any excuses.

Randy "Rocket" Cody

Creator & Editor-in-Chief

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Rocket's news, interviews and reviews have been published at all the major rock sites around the globe. With readers in over 100 countries, his expertise on the genre of metal music is on full display at TMD's home site:


Hope Cody

Senior Band Scout/ Head of Marketing


Hope is TMD's senior band scout and is in charge of marketing for all of TMD's sites.